Deb D'Anne


Taking her place as an Americana singer songwriter, Deb D’Anne is a force in the acoustic community. Her heartfelt writing spans many genres from jazz, blues and folk, to show her musical  diversity and poetic metaphors. Stunning acoustic guitar and vocals weave musical and lyrical storytelling. 

An entertainer from a very young age, Deb traveled extensively with her guitar with audiences from auto trains to Chicago blues haunts.

Classical trained, translates into 4 original records working with respected performers, Andy Goessling, Tim Carbone, John Skehan to name a few and she continues to record new material at the legendary Mixolydian Studios. She also teaches songwriting workshops, guitar and piano, and produces.

Heartwarming thought provoking and funny Deb’s guitar, mandolin ukulele and voice is a performance not to be missed. She also performs at local roadhouses and wineries with an eclectic mix of covers from country to blues to classic rock.


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