1. 24

From the recording Crooked Line

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Deb D'Anne/composer, lead vocals, John H. Skehan III, piano


You say our time is comimg
And I say this days gonna end
This winding road is all country yellow
It’s been 24 years
I’m just moving on
Been 24 years
I’m going I’m going I’m gone

It’s not that
You didn’t love me
It’s just that
We ended too soon
There's a thunderstorm coming
It’s blowing our petals all over the road
It’s been 24 years
I’m going I’m going I’m gone

I might be free falling
I just want to breathe again
After so long will my heart ever beat again

It’s not that we didn’t matter
We bloomed like that long yellow road
I’m leaving before this year’s flowers
I just wanted love, just want you to love me
There’s a rest stop ahead, I’ve got to pull over
Been 24 years while there’s still time
Been 24 years, before we die
Been 24 years
I'm going I'm going
Been 24 years
I’m going I'm going
I'm gone
And you'll be okay……